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05/23/2022 new format for 'diary' page. i'll move over some of my old entries soon. but you do get to read some from 2021 that i forgot to move to this new url, so that's fun..?
05/20/2022 finished my finals... i am slowly 'optimizing' (read: trying to make my site less of a nightmare) on mobile.
05/11/2022 new! homepage! still a work in progress... so please ignore that all the links aren't updated yet.
04/26/2022 scrapped previous idea - i'll just keep a theme toggle on the header for anyone who wants to experiment. added more art to my drawings page.
04/11/2022 needed to satiate my urge to create alternate stylesheets, you can find my wip mlp theme on my 'my little pony' page. i'm entertaining the idea of adding different layouts for different pages, like having a different about page code, but i do want to keep things simple for the most part.
04/01/2022 happy april fools! i now have a music player, roughly based off the bandcamp player, which can be found in my music diary. it's really useful so i can embed music that is not on bandcamp, though i may eventually transition all my music onto players like this for the sake of continuity (don't worry, i will still link places to support the artist!) don't look at the code... i totally took it from a tutorial and edited it...
03/22/2022 woo! mathjax & LaTeX works! thanks to This Guy...
03/19/2022 redirected unfinished pages to '404 not found'... i should have done this a long time ago, but i wanted to do something with javascript (i didn't)
03/16/2022 integrated mathjax & LaTeX for my statistics page. although it seems to break if you click on a different page and come back to it later. i honestly have no clue what to do about this. & new 'helpful sites' archive
03/14/2022 new cats 'explore' page! explore cat-related sites... more to be added soon.
03/04/2022 migrated from siamese. new site layout! new javascript! very pleased that i keep the same index throughout.

Welcome to my sweet little garden on the outskirts of the interweb. This site's name is inspired by an Ian McEwan novel, "The Cement Garden". Here you will find personal writings, a few amateur essays, some art of mine (that is, if I ever get around to uploading it), and links to resources that I find rewarding and/or interesting. This site is a constant work in progress, and to be frank, the only pages that work are the ones marked 'New'! If you find yourself lost, clicking the pixel in the header will lead you home...

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