A nonsensical archive of sorts. Many of these sites will probably be repeated throughout more specific pages, but those aren't done yet, so I might as well start here! I save too many sites, and I find this neater than bookmarking them all.

Javascript display engine for mathematics.

Document preparation system for typsetting, useful especially for math formulas. I use this in conjunction with MathJax! I would describe it as a markup language, but I'm not sure if that is entirely accurate...

Unlock research articles that are behind a paywall with DOI or URL.

Library Genesis
Free library with a great selection of fiction and nonfiction PDF / EPUB / etc. Can mass download if desired.

Internet Archive
What I use to explore old/dead sites. There is also a library where you can "borrow" books to read for free for a certain # of time, but I find that Libgen has most of what I'm looking for and more.

Fool Lovers
Web material site with lots of tile backgrounds, buttons, frames, pixels and HTML templates.

Aya Yamamoto's site! Sozai, magazines, site recommendations, and a very cute design. Has not been updated since 2016, but I suppose there are many such sites...

素材の森 (Sozai Forest)
Archive of various Japanese web material sites.

顔文字ファクトリ (Kaomoji Factory)
Wonderful kaomoji! Perfect of those who want to add a dash of cute to their site.

Fishing terminology, species, forums, articles, and catches. A very nice community I stumbled upon by chance!

William Adolphe Bouguereau
A gallery of French painter William Adolphe Bouguereau's works. He was fond of mythological themes, and took inspiration from classical paintings. I enjoy his works for their atmospheric environments, comfortable feeling, and the soft glow which emmanates...

Yay Ponies!
High-quality direct downloads & torrents for MLP media (all generations)! As well as Japanese episodes, which is lovely.

Silver Lining's Rabbitry
Came across while browsing Gifcities.

Search GIFs from Geocities easily! I find lots of my web graphics here.

Sigh... you know

Little Garden
Cute sozai... more tba

Diabella Loves Cats - Graphics
Nostalgic cat graphics!