Car Seat Headrest - Little Pieces Of Paper With "No" Written On Them

favorite track(s): 100 minutes of solitude, neon sign, the staying song

i listened to this album while biking to the post office and back. on the way, i decided to go off onto this trail, and i got a little lost in the process. i went behind some apartments and finally found my way to this hill i recognized next to a busy street, and "neon sign" came on while i was panting and sweating, using every bit of my strength to propel one leg further and the other back. i'm positive i made it home because of that song.

Car Seat Headrest - Disjecta Membra

UNDER17 - DreamParty

favorite track(s): もっと、夢、みよう!! (but then again, there are only two tracks - technically, four, but the other two are simply instrumentals of the first two and i could not find them online anywhere)

Selected DDR Songs

so my university has a ddr cabinet and i'm kind of obsessed with it.