various lists for various things

  1. finish that lolita gouache painting
  2. compile insp and references
  3. *stares into the camera* actually get to a point where i like my art
things to do for the site
  1. move poetry from old site
  2. add dream log section in journal
  3. make fashion page (separate from egl page... i should probably get to that)
  4. note to self: gingham background text one EGL & about page are not visible on mobile. no webkit support, i suppose.
  1. learn how to make a SQL database
  2. eventually work on this art database site LOL that i've been planning 4ever
  1. learn how to cut layers so i can stop cutting my hair in random places
  2. bleach my hair light brown / blonde like this...
  3. save money... lolita fashion is putting a dent in my savings
  1. write, or rather, live a life worth writing about
  2. move in with gf!!!!
school things
  1. 6/21 complete advising on canvas
  2. O_O... keep an eye on apartment app
  3. look into research opportunities
  4. meet w/ advisor...? hopefully *****