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Wardrobe 100 Questions for a Lolita
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100 Questions for a Lolita

I stole this questionaire from Fox! Please check out his website.

1. Please tell us your Name, Birthday and Where You're From.
My name is Mèo! I was born on 07/20/2003 and I'm from Northern California. Pleased to meet your acquaintance!

2. What is your Height, Weight, Clothes Size and Shoe Size?
I am 5'3" (162cm) in height, and unsure of my weight. My three measurements are 76cm, 64cm, 80cm. I typically wear S/XS so I would consider wearing Shirley Temple sometime. My shoe size is 7 in US womens' sizes, and 23 or 24 in Japanese sizes.

3. Why did you start wearing Lolita Fashion?
I know it seems very cliché for a Lolita, but when I was younger I really loved Rococo architecture. Shortly after, I became immersed in vintage, and I enjoyed collecting ceramics from thrift & antique stores. I think this was a precursor to Lolita fashion for me, as I enjoyed the modern take on Victorian clothing and I had also began exploring Japanese street fashion as a whole around this time. Before Lolita, I was very into visual-kei, goth, and punk - this may be surprising to some! However, I think ultimately I started wearing Lolita because I love the way frills, bows and lace make me feel pretty, while allowing myself to keep in touch with my childish side. I do have a very mellow personality, and I felt a little awkward in punk as the grittiness of my style made me feel out of place as I interacted with others. I'm very grateful to Lolita for allowing me to embrace a more feminine fashion!

4. What's your favourite genre(style) of Lolita?
My first foray into the fashion was Sweet! I still love it to bits, but I have been more into old-school lately and I wish to expand my old-school wardrobe. OTT Sweet and very cutesy prints are not my thing anymore, and I really like print-less pieces, appliques, or simple repeated florals/gobelin!

5. Are you committed to the above or do you have your own definition?
If a dress makes my heart flutter, I should buy it, yes? So, I don't think I'm too committed to style guidelines, although ideally I will keep my wardrobe limited to a few colors so I can easily mix and match items.

6. Do you have any piercings, and if so how many?
I have a few piercings! Two helix and two lobe on my left ear, and one helix and one lobe on my right. I also have a naval piercing~ I don't really wear earrings anymore, though, because they keep falling out! I used to have three helix piercings in each ear...

7. What is your favourite brand?
My two main pieces are from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and I would consider it my favorite brand. But, I am recently very into Emily Temple Cute.

8. What is your favourite piece of clothing?
My favorite dress is my BTSSB Babydoll JSK. It's so versatile, and it's what I love about simpler pieces!

9. How many Lolita friends do you have?
None at all! My best friend is interested in the fashion, but I don't think xe considers xymself a Lolita. Thankfully, my wife listens to me ramble about Lolita an insane amount.

10. What is the best thing about being a Lolita?
How light and fluffy I feel after putting on my favorite dress!

11. On the contrary, what is the worst?
Worrying about getting my favorite clothes dirty! And, walking in heels!

12. What magazine(s) do you read?
Gothic Lolita Bible, and occasionally Kera. Well, I don't have any specifics I like to read, so I just browse the Lolita History Gallery too

13. Headdresses v Bonnets v Ribbons (Headbands)?
I love headdresses the most.

14. Do you wear bloomers?
I don't have any, but I would like to wear them. I love the look of bloomers peeking out under a JSK. I wish I could pull it off, but I'm not sure, I may be too short...

15. Do you tie your headdress in the front or the back?
In the front! When I tie them in the back, I'm scared they will fall off since I have short hair.

16. Do you have a favourite music genre or band?
My favorite artist is Enon.

17. What is your phone ringtone?
Default iPhone ringtone.

18. Do you go to lives/concerts in Lolita?
I have never been to a concert before! But, if I did go, I would probably not go in Lolita as I would be worried about dirt!

19. For those that go to lives/concerts, do you headbang?
Hypothetically, I wouldn't! My headpiece would fall!

20. What colours do you like?
My favorite colors are pink, brown and cream. I also like green, but not as a main color in my wardrobe!

21. What are your hobbies?
I like to read, sew, and draw. I also write, albeit rarely since I am insecure.

22. What is your favourite perfume?
I don't wear perfume much, but I like Hanae by Hanae Mori and First Blush by Deconstructing Eden.

23. Being a Lolita, is there anything you are careful of?
Again, I'm scared of getting my clothes dirty...

24. Where do you usually hang out?
You will find my at your local bookstore, thrift store, or antique shop.

25. How many times do you wear lolita a week?
I don't leave the house often now, so a few times a month.

26. Please tell us an embarrassing story you are guilty of from your early days of wearing lolita.
I filmed a TikTok without a blouse to a cringy song...

27. What is your hairstyle and hair colour now?
I have a wolfcut and my hair is dark-brown to black.

28. How long is your lolita history?
Maybe around 3 years now.

29. Do you have a dedicated place for storing lolita?
Not particularly! It's in my closet with all my other clothes.

30. Up to now have you ever thought about quitting lolita?
Not at all! I've only been wearing it for a few years, actually, even less - I stopped for a while because of my life situation.

31. What is your motto?
"And on a beautiful day hardly anyone can prevent us from saying: 'Oh God, today is a beautiful day'" -Franz Kafka

32. What is your future dream?
To live in a cold climate in a small house, and grow strawberries. I may say something lofty, like "I want to be a therapist and help many people" but, I don't think I can say that yet, so: "If I make a positive impact on someone's life, I will be happy". Will strawberries be okay in colder weather? I may re-evaluate this...

33. Is there any celebrity you think "This person definitely suits Lolita!"?
I don't know many celebrities, but I think Ita, Nef and Naomi are my inspirations here on Neocities!

34. Please tell us about an item that is full of memories
My BTSSB Babydoll JSK, which I've worn out with my wife often ^_^ I also got a bit of curry on it once... thankfully, I was able to get it out!

35. What is the very first item you got?
Technically, my h.Naoto FRILL Blouse, but as for main pieces, it was the BTSSB Kumya's Sweet Heart Check JSK and KC set.

36. When having your photo taken, do you have a pose you always do?
I rest my hands over my skirt, pointed inwards, or I'm holding a parasol.

37. What is your bible? (Book, Magazine, CD etc)
I hope to find one soon!

38. What is the height of the tallest shoes you wear?
My Bodyline chunky heels are 9cm tall.

39. Have you ever worn a tiara?
I have not! Unfortunately, I do not think they align with my vision right now.

40. Occasionally do you want to try Ouji?
I enjoy seeing Ouji on other people, but it is not for me!

41. What kind of lace do you like?
Torchon lace is my favorite. I also like strawberry lace, and I recently saw this heart ladder lace on the BTSSB Waist Scallop JSK in t3nsh1's collection. I love it!

42. Do you have dolls? If you do please tell us about her!
I don't! I wonder if this question is referring to BJD? I haven't found myself interested given the budget is intimidating, but I would really like a Precious Moments doll.

43. What's inside your Lolita bag?
Let's see... my wallet, keys, chapstick, phone, a book, and memo stickers!

44. What's your favourite flower?
Pink carnations. They symbolize motherly love.

45. What is your favourite accessory right now?
Probably, my straw hat with fake pink roses on it. It gives a summery feel to any JSK! I would also say my handmade headdress, but I am already thinking about how to make a better one... (spotted rose lace at Joann's)

46. What is your favourite or recommended cosmetics?
Tinted lip balm, both pretty and practical!

47. Big and beautiful eyes are the proof of a doll! So, do you wear false eyelashes? Also if you have any tips for application please tell us.
I personally find them a hassle to put on, as they always fall off. They're expensive as well, and I am very bad at keeping them in one place.

48. Please tell us your eye makeup fixation.
When I do wear eye makeup, I like Heroine Make Long & Curl in brown. Black was out of stock in the store I bought it at, but maybe I would like that better? Brown actually lightens my lashes (although I don't find it too noticable), since my natural hair is very dark!

49. Is your lipstick red? Blue? Black? Pink?
I don't really wear lipstick, but I wear tinted lip balm. It's NIVEA Lip Care in Watermelon, Strawberry, Cherry, and Blackberry. They're all shades of pink or red, and they smell good too!

50. What colour do you use often for your manicures?
Clear! I do have a problem with biting my nails, though (especially biting nail polish), so it does not last long. I've never gotten a manicure professionally too, but when I paint my nails, it is usually clear...

51. Have you ever stealthily changed into your clothes in a train (or public) toilet?
Never! I don't think I would do this unless I was desperate. I'm not sure which situation would call for this.

52. Have you ever done a twinning coord? A triplet coord? What are your thoughts?
I have not! I am not too interested in matching someone's coord exactly, I want everyone to express the individuality of their own style ^_^ But, I would be happy to match a theme with someone or a few people!

53. What do you do to keep your figure? Any recommendations?
I do not believe it is important.

54. Wearing lolita alone. Are you okay with it?
Yes, I have worn Lolita alone often! I'm okay with it, but I like having someone else with me as it puts my heart at ease. When my wife visited, I noticed I wore Lolita more often because of how confident I felt with her.

55. How much do you spend a month on clothes and accessories?
I do not have a stable income, so not much...

56. Was there a considerable time difference between when you found out about Lolita and when you started wearing it?
About 1 year.

>57. What is the most expensive thing you've bought up to now?
BTSSB Kumya's Sweet Heart Check JSK + KC set... It was around $400... I'm considering reselling it, because I would like some of that money back...

58. Lolita is really expensive. How to get money for it?
Part-time job (Yet, I haven't worked for about a year)... And I've bought a lot of clothes, so when I need more to spend on Lolita, I sell what I don't wear anymore. Occasionally I do art commissions as well.

59. Just between the two of us, generally how much have you spent on Lolita altogether up until now?
*Shivers* Under $1000, I hope... but more than $500. My most expensive piece turned out to be about $400 because of shipping costs and taxes (Is this normal? I bought the dress on Lacemarket for about $280, so I'm not sure why it costed so much), and I regret it a lot! I never want to spend more than $200 on a dress again! I'm serious!

60. What shop do you want close to you?
BTSSB! And it is relatively close, hehe!

61. Just between the two of us, are there any shops you think are a total ripoff?
Moi-même-Moitié... I know it is a staple for Gothic, but for how simple (and to be honest... boring) some of the JSKs are, they fetch exorbitant prices on the market. I can only make sense of the prices because Mana-sama is very popular, but I still don't think it is fair. I believe Moi-même-Moitié once sold a glorified cardboard bag as an actual item once, which I find embarrassing.

62. Do you use online shops? If you have what are the good and bad points about it? If you haven't, please tell us why.
Being a Lolita from the US, I mostly shop online! I love Wunderwelt, the prices are reasonable and the shipping isn't too much. Shipping can get very tricky with proxies, although I love Mercari, Fril, and YJA. I am currently holding myself back from some more purchases right now, while I save money...

63. ちょっと秘密にしときたいけど私だけにコッソリ☆な個人製作サイトさんを教えてください
It is ^_^

64. I definitely won't get it! But I really really want it! Do you have a certain something from a certain brand that you want?
I want so many things! But specifically, I want the Strawberry Dolly OP or JSK (and the headdress, too...) from Angelic Pretty. But, I love all old-school strawberry prints. A secret pleasure is light pink dresses with neck ties, and although I have one that is very similar, I can't help but want pieces like the High Waist Ribbon JSK by Metamorphose. I definitely won't get it!

65. What do you do with pieces you get bored of?
Sell on Lacemarket!

66. What is the last thing you bought (even outside of Lolita)?
A 24-pacl of clear cat stickers from Hobby Lobby.

67. Is there something you'll probably never have it again, but you can't forget about?
The passion I felt when I explored my interests as a child. I felt like I had all the time in the world, but I spent it locking myself away from others, although I admire how invested in games and anime I got. I was also very suicidal then, so I am grieving what could have been, too.

68. What do you think of people that wear lolita only to lives/concerts?
I am happy that they can wear Lolita!

69. What do you think of people that don't wear makeup with lolita fashion?
Good for them! Fashion is about expressing yourself through clothing, so I do not think makeup is a requirement. I usually do not wear makeup with Lolita, and I find it more comfortable.

70. There's a Lolita wearing the same coord as you! What do you think?
I am excited to meet someone with the same taste!

71. From what age until what age do you think is forgivable to wear Lolita?
Like Momoko said, I will be on my deathbed in a BABY dress...

72. In what situation do you think you would have to stop wearing Lolita?
If I cannot afford it... hehe.

73. Do you have any "Stop doing this!" warnings?

74. Do you have any thoughts about what a Lolita should be like?

75. Excluding Q.73, is there anything you don't want a Lolita to do?

76. What do you think of boys wearing Lolita?

77. Since wearing Lolita has anything about you changed from before?

78. What do the people around you say about you wearing Lolita?

79. In the midsummer heat what kind of Lolita do you wear?

80. Do you wear Lolita to school/your workplace?

81. What are your regular style of clothes?

82. Are you opposed to second hand clothing?

83. Do you have a partner? And do they understand Lolita?

84. Please tell us the image of your ideal guy.

85. Is there a Lolita that has left a big impression on you?

86. Have you ever made your own clothes? If so what kind?

87. Have you ever made your own accessories? If so what?

88. Is there an item you've made that you think "It's a great success!"?

89. If you have an ideal coord, please talk about it.

90. Is there someone you admire? What kind of person are they?

91. For one day you can go on a date with that special person. They will also be wearing their favourite clothes. So who is it, what are you wearing and where is the date?

92. If you could open a shop in the future, what kind would it be?

93. Unconsciously, this catches your eye! Which motif is it?

94. Would you also want your child(ren) to wear Lolita?

95. How much do you spend on each piece of clothing?

96. This is a Lolita! If you think there's a gesture like that please tell us.

97. Even if it's only one time I wanna wear it! Is there something you want to wear other than Lolita?

98. Looking at your Lolita, if you could use one word to represent it, what would it be?

99. What is your image of an ideal Lolita?

100. 大変お疲れ様でした! Please share your thoughts on taking this questionnaire.